Fantasy Football Fast Track – The Winning Strategies of Champions!

I’ll admit it. I’m “cuckoo for cocoa puffs” when it comes to Fantasy Football. So much so, that I had to write a book about it. This eBook is designed to help fantasy football enthusiasts increase their skills, win more matchups and improve their overall game.

Link To Book: Fantasy Football Fast Track

Blog Posts and Web Copy


I took transcripts of existing Mixergy.com videos and created listicles and narratives from them. This unique new content was then used to drive traffic back to the site.

Post 1 / Post 2 / Post 3 / Post 4 / Post 5

sevey donahue & talcott

Original content for a law firm – designed to improve search rankings and capture more leads.


An Austin realtor looking to showcase her experience, knowledge and unparalleled customer service.

kaizuka law firm

A DUI attorney looking for fresh content and better keyword optimization. I wrote the DUI Defense page and all subpages below it.

Marketing Materials

Press Release

Sample Press Release

Link: TWA Launch

Press Release

Sample Press Release

Link: SmartApp.IO Launch

Sales Brochure

Sample Sales Brochure

Link: TruBlue Properties

Sales Brochure

Sample Sales Brochure

Link: TrueBion Biodegradeables


Personal Injury Law – Wrongful Death

Law Firm Content Marketing

Link To Article: Wrongful Death

Personal Injury Law – Birth Injuries

Law Firm Content Marketing

Link To Article: Birth Injuries

Personal Injury Law – Boat Accidents

Law Firm Content Marketing

Link To Article: Boat Injuries

Tax Consulting – Refunds

Tax Consultant Content Marketing

Link To Article: Refunds

Funeral Services – What to Say

Funeral Services Content Marketing

Link To Article: Funeral Conversations

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